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Speakers Topic File name
Jing-Ming Chen Content Management for IPTV: Lessons Learnt from CHT MOD Service M12
Pao-Chung Ho Digital Convergence-The Way quad-play goes M13
Fang-Chu Chen Trend in Multimedia Compression Technology M14
Jan-Ming HO P2P SEW: A Cooperative Shared Screen over Semi-Centralized Peer-to-Peer Architecture M22
Benjamin Tang Next Generation Networks Multiservice Network Design N13
L.S.Liang NGOSS in the Converged World N14
Chiao-Lieh Chen Cross-layer networking protocol design for ubiquitous home service N23
Bruce Chow Radio over Fiber Distributed Antenna Systems for Wireless Communication N31
TC Juan Adapt SOA for mobile Service development N32
Sheng-Lin Chou IPTV-oriented Service Blending N34
Chang-Yuan Yu Optical short pulse Generation and Measurement based on fiber polarization effects O11
Yin-Chieh Lai Modelocked fiber lasers And quantum Solitons O14
Yi-Jen Chan Optical Interconnects: Trends and Applications O15
Lian-Kuan Chen Network Optimization for Optical Performance Monitoring O21
Cedric F. Lam The outlook of broadband optical access networks O22
Maria C. Yuang An Optical-Header Processing and Access Control System for a Packet-Switched WDM Metro Ring Network O24
Jye-Hong Chen Developments and Enabling technologies Of culture hybrid access network O32
Shyr-Yuan Cheng The development of FTTH In CHT O34
Hwa-Nien Yu Innovation in the World of Technology S01
Maw-Kuen Wu The Evolution of and Challenges To the Innovation System - Taiwan Model S02
Winston Way Market versus Technology-Driven R&D in Optical Fiber Communication Industry S05
Hen-Tai Shang A small Companys Mission-Oriented Research in the Changing World of Optical Fiber Communication PS2(B)
Chia-Hsiang Chang Telematics current status and Future Trend T11
Chung-Min Chen A brief History of Telematics-Technologies, Service, and Standards T12
Cheng-Foo Chen Telematics-From an Auto-OEMs Point of View T14
Ming-Hsu Tu Data Traffic Patterns and Applications Impact to 3G/4G Wireless High Speed Data Network W11
Gene Tkachenko Power Amplifier and Front-End Module Technology for 3.9G LTE/EUTRAN Applications W13
Russell Sun On the Baseband Algorithms for OFDM Systems W21
Hong-Ya Ge Rapidly Converging Transceivers For Multiple Access Wireless Communication Systems W22
Choi-Look Law Ranging Detection Algorithm for Indoor UWB Channels and Research Activities Relating to a UWB-RFID Localization System W23
Qin-Qing Zhang Exploring Multi-Dimensional Diversity In Distributed radio Resource Management for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network W32
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